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All deliveries are subject to delivery charge. We request a 48-hour notice for all orders; longer during peak times. Lead times may vary for desserts. Gluten-free options are noted below with a “GF” marker. Before placing your order, please inform us if a person in your group has a food allergy. Our products may contain wheat, egg, dairy, soy, fish, or other allergens. In addition, our products may be processed in facilities that process tree nuts and peanuts.


Breakfast Packages

the continental

freshly baked mini-muffins, mini danish,
coffee cake & bagels, cream cheese, butter, jam, seasonal fruit salad,
assorted juices, freshly brewed coffee
$10.95 pp

executive breakfast buffet

thick-cut brioche french toast, maple syrup,
scrambled eggs,
smoked bacon or pork sausage,
home fries, fresh fruit salad,
mini breakfast pastries,
freshly brewed coffee
$14.95 pp

south shore breakfast

mini croissants, cinnamon rolls, tea breads &
assorted bagels, cream cheese, butter, jam,
seasonal fruit salad, berries,
assorted individual yogurts, granola,
freshly brewed coffee
$13.95 pp

right start

low-fat muffins, yogurt banana bread,
assorted individual yogurts,
granola, fruit salad, cottage cheese
$9.95 pp


greek yogurt bar

greek-style yogurt, granola,
seasonal berries, fresh fruit salad,
raisins, dried cranberries, honey
$7.95 pp

avocado toast bar

7-grain bread,
mashed ripe avocado, tomatoes, diced red onions,
sliced cucumber, capers,
smoked bacon, hard-cooked eggs,
baby arugula, cilantro
$9.95 pp

breakfast burritos

freshly scrambled eggs, cheese
choice of
ham, bacon, chorizo, vegetable & bean
wrapped up in flour tortilla, salsa
$7.50 each (min of 10)

quiche varieties

8 slices, served at room temperature
bacon, onion, cheese
Herb & Cheese
Broccoli & Cheese
$19.95 each


Mini Egg White Frittata (gf)

asparagus, cremini mushrooms,
spinach, tomatoes, goat cheese
$4.75 each

Mini Egg White Frittata (gf)

asparagus, cremini mushrooms, spinach,
tomatoes, goat cheese
$4.75 each

Mini california omelet (gf)

spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, jack cheese
$4.75 each

the new yorker

smoked salmon, capers,
red onions, vine-ripened tomatoes,
watercress, assorted bagels,
cream cheese
$8.95 pp

the bagel shop

new york–style bagels,
assorted cream cheese, jams, butter
$3.50 pp

yogurt parfait

greek-style yogurt
seasonal fresh berries, granola
$5.50 pp



Assorted Premium Juices

orange, cranberry, grapefruit, apple
$1.75 each

Bottled Still Water

$1.85 each


Poland Springs Sparkling Water

$2.00 each

Assorted Canned Soda

$1. 95 each


Freshly Brewed Coffee

sugar, sweeteners, creamers,
cups, stirrers, napkins
$2.25 pp (12 cups)


Lunch Selections

American Sandwich Wreath

Braided Bread Wreath
classic trio of
roast beef & boursin
roasted turkey, sage mayo
baked ham, dilled havarti, honey mustard
$43.00, serves 14

Italian Sandwich Wreath

Braided Bread Wreath
italian meats & cheeses, hot pepper relish
$43.00, serves 14

Vegetarian Sandwich Wreath

Braided Bread Wreath
tomato, fresh mozzarella, baby arugula,
basil, olive oil
$39.95, serves 14


Assorted Sandwich Platter

accompanied by individually bagged chips, assortment of freshly baked cookies
(gluten-free bread available upon request)

Rare Roast Beef
arugula, roasted peppers, horseradish cream sauce

Rustic Lemon Chicken
arugula, roasted peppers, tarragon sauce

Black Forest Ham
dilled havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato,
honey mustard

Roast Turkey Breast
lettuce, tomato, cranberry sauce

Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Baby Arugula
olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette

West Coast Roller
guacamole, lettuce, tomato, provolone, dilled havarti

Italian Prosciutto
salami, mortadella, provolone

Tarragon Chicken Salad

Tuna Salad

$11.95 pp


Grilled Vegetable Platter

Assorted Seasonal Grilled Vegetables
blue cheese dip
$49.95, serves 20

California Salad

Grilled Chicken
on bed of mixed greens
avocado, asparagus, alfalfa sprouts,
cucumber, carrots, goat cheese,
red onion, tomato
$66.00, serves 22


Side Salads

Garden Salad (GF)

$3.50 pp

Fruit Salad (GF)

$4.00 pp

Caesar Salad (GF)

$3.50 pp


Caprese Salad (GF)

$4.75 pp

Greek Salad (GF)

$4.25 pp

Thai Cucumber Salad (GF)

$3.75 pp

Chef’s Choice Pasta Salad

$3.50 pp


Spicy Vegetable Lo Mein

$3.75 pp

Red Bliss Potato Salad (GF)

$3.25 pp

Fresh Fruit Salad (GF)

$3.95 pp


Some Like It Hot


all entrees have a 10-person minimum; some require 48-hour notice

Chicken Parmesan
penne, marinara,
garden salad, rolls, butter
$14.95 pp

Stir-Fried Chicken
available as vegetarian
boneless chicken medallions,
asian vegetables,
lo mein noodles, fresh fruit salad
$14.95 pp

Stir-Fried Beef & Broccoli
asian beef, broccoli, sesame-garlic sauce,
steamed white rice, fruit salad
$15.95 pp

Chicken with Artichoke & Lemon
boneless breast of chicken,
artichoke hearts, mushrooms,
light lemon cream sauce, herbed rice pilaf
garden salad, rolls, butter
$14.95 pp

The Fajita Buffet
southwest fajita-seasoned grilled chicken or skirt steak sizzled with sweet peppers,
onions, flour tortillas,
mexican rice and beans,
sour cream, guacamole, salsa,
shredded cheese
chicken $14.95 pp; skirt steak $15.95 pp

Moroccan Chicken
marinated & grilled chicken breast,
pearl couscous, asparagus, almonds,
golden raisins, onions, spicy harissa sauce,
garden salad, pita bread
$14.95 pp

Chicken Marsala
chicken breasts, sautéed mushrooms,
bow tie pasta, marsala wine sauce,
garden salad, rolls, butter
$14.95 pp

South American Grilled Flank Steak
tender, thinly sliced flank steak
chimichurri sauce, roasted potatoes,
choice of
chef’s seasonal vegetable or garden salad
assorted breads, butter
$17.95 pp


Four Cheese Lasagna
Meat Lasagna
caesar salad, rolls, butter
half pan (serves 12) $95.00; full pan (serves 24) $180.00
side of meatballs: $2.25 each

Vegetarian Lasagna
caesar salad, rolls, butter
half pan (serves 12) $95.00, full pan (serves 24) $180.00

hummus, tabbouleh, pita bread, lettuce, tomato slices
vegan, vegetarian (min 5) $8.95 pp

Mushroom Ragout (GF)
fresh herbs, grilled three cheese polenta cakes
vegetarian (min 5) $10.95 pp
2 cakes per serving

Chicken, Broccoli & Ziti
classic boneless medallions, sautéed fresh broccoli florets,
penne pasta, white wine, lemon, garlic butter,
caesar salad, focaccia, butter
$14.95 pp

Cuban Salmon
steamed rice, saucy black beans,
garden salad, rolls, butter
$15.95 pp

Pomegranate Glazed Salmon
everything spice salmon, roasted on cedar plank,
roasted cauliflower,
caesar salad, rolls, butter
$15.95 pp

Tunisian Chicken
available as vegetarian
seven vegetables, couscous,
mixed greens salad, soft pita bread
$14.95 pp

Chicken Messina
grilled chicken breasts sautéed in light lemon sauce,
artichokes, roasted garlic cloves,
diced plum tomatoes, penne marinara,
garden salad, rolls, butter
$14.95 pp


Rosemary Chicken (GF)
grilled chicken, garlic, rosemary,
fresh sautéed vegetables, spinach salad,
rolls, butter
$14.95 pp

Tropical Grilled Chicken (GF)
sweet & savory relish of grilled pineapple,
red bell peppers, lime, spinach salad
green beans, sliced almonds,
rolls, butter
$14.95 pp

BBQ Chicken Breast
brushed with our very own tangy bbq sauce,
roasted potato salad, garden salad,
rolls, butter
$14.95 pp

BBQ Beef Brisket
13½-hour smoked beef brisket,
homemade macaroni & cheese,
tangy slaw, homemade cornbread, butter
$17.95 pp


1 gallon serves 22; accompanied by crispy breadsticks

Tomato Basil (GF)
vegetarian, $40.00

Butternut Squash (Seasonal, GF)
vegetarian, $40.00

Wild Mushroom
vegetarian, $32.00

Classic Chicken Noodle (GF)

Vegetable Minestrone (GF)

New England Clam Chowder

Chicken Tortellini

Beef & Barley (GF)


Cold Platters


all entrees are served with rolls and butter and have a 10-person minimum

Lemon Chicken
marinated boneless breast of chicken,
tarragon sauce
$7.95 pp

Thai Chicken Breast
broiled boneless breast of chicken
marinated in thai spices, peanut sauce
$7.95 pp


Grilled Citrus Shrimp
fresh shrimp marinated with citrus oil,
fresh herbs, remoulade sauce
5 pieces per person, $9.95 pp

Roasted Sliced Sirloin
sliced sirloin medium-rare, horseradish sauce
$11.95 pp


Salmon with Mustard-Lime Dressing
pan-seared salmon filet,
mustard-lime dressing
$9.95 pp

Healthy Alternative Chicken
sliced chicken breast,
no-fat honey-dijon vinaigrette,
snow peas, cherry tomatoes,
carrots, sprouts
$9.95 pp




serves 20-25 people; all platters are garnished and ready to serve

Fruit and Cheese
assorted imported and domestic cheeses,
sliced melon, cantaloupe, pineapple,
strawberries, grapes, imported crackers

Traditional Antipasto
available as vegetarian
pesto chicken, pepperoni, provolone and asiago cheeses, marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers,
bed of greens, focaccia bread

Chicken Kebabs
grilled chicken kebabs, tzatziki sauce,
saffron couscous, cauliflower salad,
marinated olives, soft pita wedges

Mexican Terrine
layers of sour cream, salsa, guacamole,
tomato, chopped black olives, red onion,
refried beans, shredded jack cheese,
yellow and blue tortilla chips

Beef Tenderloin Tip Skewers
beef tenderloin tips marinated in mild chili,
garlic, and olive oil, skewered with onions,
red and green peppers, horseradish sauce


Mediterranean Sampler
hummus and tabbouleh, tomato, cucumber,
olive salad, grilled portobello mushrooms,
lemon, toasted pita triangles

Parisienne Charcuterie
country pâté, vegetarian pâté, sliced dried sausage,
caper berries, flavored mustard, cornichons,
lavash crackers, rubschlager (cocktail rye)

Spinach & Artichoke Dip
served in pumpernickel loaf,
toasted pita triangles

Crudités & Dip
colorful array of seasonal vegetables,
savory herb dip


Crudités with Harvest Bread Bowl
whole-grain bread round,
house-made spinach & artichoke dip,
fresh broccoli, cauliflower florets, carrots,
celery, zucchini sticks

Classic Mediterranean
homemade spanakopita, parsley and lemon hummus,
tabbouleh salad, tomatoes, feta,
homemade pita chips

Italian Crostini
plum tomato relish, black olive tapenade,
white bean purée, truffle-grilled focaccia,
toasted crostini,
whole roasted garlic garnish

Traditional Finger Sandwiches
roast tarragon chicken salad
roast beef, horseradish sauce
baked ham, dilled havarti, honey mustard
roast turkey, cranberry chutney
$26.00 per dozen

Pinwheel Finger Sandwiches
pinwheels bursting with assortment of
turkey, roast beef, ham, cheese,
vegetarian fillings
$26.00 per dozen


Hors D'Oeuvres

Cold Selections

minimum 2 dozen per selection

Thai Chicken Fingers
peanut dipping sauce
$22.00 per dozen

Assorted Petite Quiche
florentine, cheese, classic french,
wild mushroom
$20.00 per dozen

Coconut Chicken Fingers
sweet & sour dipping sauce
$24.00 per dozen


Shrimp Cocktail
tangy cocktail sauce
$36.00 per dozen

Grilled Citrus Shrimp
remoulade sauce
$36.00 per dozen

Roulade of Sesame Roasted Chicken
stuffed with pickled ginger and scallions,
hoisin dipping sauce
$22.00 per dozen


Rice Paper Spring Rolls
vegetarian or shrimp,
sweet chili dipping sauce
$30.00 per dozen

European Cucumber
hollowed out english cucumber,
moroccan chicken salad
$24.00 per dozen

Asparagus Wrapped in Sirloin
boursin cheese spread
$26.00 per dozen


Hors D'Oeuvres

hot Selections

minimum 2 dozen per selection

Classic Stuffed Mushrooms
$25.00 per dozen

Skewered Spicy Chicken Satay
peanut dipping sauce
$36.00 per dozen

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon
$36.00 per dozen

Artichoke Hearts & Parmesan Cheese
in phyllo pastry
$25.00 per dozen


Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls
sweet chili dipping sauce
$25.00 per dozen

Herb-Marinated Tenderloin Skewers
$36.00 per dozen

Phyllo Star with Brie & Raspberry
$25.00 per dozen

Crab Cakes
saffron-caper aioli
$36.00 per dozen


Miniature Beef Wellington
tarragon aioli
$36.00 per dozen

Pigs in a Blanket
$22.00 per dozen

Lemongrass Chicken Dumpling
scallion-soy dipping sauce
$30.00 per dozen

Coconut Shrimp Skewer
sweet chili sauce
$36.00 per dozen


Sweet Endings

Assorted Bar Desserts
variety of brownies and dessert bars
$25.00 per dozen

Assorted Whoopee Pies
2 per person, $3.50 pp


Freshly Baked Soft Cookie Assortment
$24.00 per dozen

Assorted Mini Cupcakes
minimum 5 dozen, $4.50 pp

Assorted Miniature Pastries
minimum 5 dozen, $29.00 per dozen


Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
minimum 5 dozen,
$30.00 per dozen

Specialty Cakes
available upon request




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